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ENACT is a team of researchers and community leaders working on identifying and helping to solve environmental health issues in Alabama.


State-wide coalition building around waste management (2022- 2023)

Beat the Heat: How Risk to Heat-related Illness This Summer Are Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic (Fall 2020)


Climate Change and Health Workshops 

(Fall 2019) 


Environmental Health Priority Workshops
(Summer 2018) 

Spring Workshops to Communicate Previous Study Findings and Better Understand Priorities (May 2018)

Birmingham Neighborhoods USA
(May 2018)

Targeted Temperature and Humidity Data Collection  to Understand Variability  
(Summer 2018) 


Personal Heat

Exposure Monitoring 
(Summer 2017) 



(Summer 2017) 

Focus Groups

on Local Environmental Health Priorities
(Fall 2016) 


Pilot Testing

Stationary Monitors 
(Summers 2015-2016) 

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